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The Society

We aim to gain more science based knowledge about health and means to influence, maintain, promote and restore health and well-being. Furthermore, we want to make this knowledge accessible to the public. Objective of the society is the promotion of integrative, holistic and environmental health research.

This encompasses fundamental research and the exploration of

  • • interdisciplinary and integrative
    environment related and environmental medicinal
    integrated and holistic medicinal and psychosocial approaches

for health care and health promotion, clinical diagnostics and therapies.

Main areas of interest are:

  • Traditional healing methods and subsequent arisen versions
  • Combination of natural sciences and humanities concerning healing processes

How do we want to reach our goals?

  • Primarily by organising networking meetings for researchers offering interdisciplinary integration of research (e.g. for Horizon 2020 research projects) and by facilitating the access to research facilities and research results


  • Setting up of an interdisciplinary initiative for integrative, holistic and environmental health research („Initiative of Integrative Health Research“)
  • Organising interdisciplinary workshops for experts: networking, demonstration of research concerns and exchange of knowledge in the fields of Integrative Medicine (incl. „CAM“ Complementary and Alternative Medicine), „environment and health“ and holistic approaches to health care
  • Building up and supporting of interdisciplinary, issue-specific task groups: involving scientists (resp. experts in research and practice) for collecting, preparing, discussing and developing scientific findings


  • The society basically lives of active sponsoring. If you feel attracted by the aims of the society you have the possibility of contributing to implement the goals by a donation.

Donations account:
IBAN: AT79 6000 0104 1004 5422